What do you need for trekking the inca trail

What do you need for trekking the inca trail

The Inca trail is an experience everybody should enjoy at least once in a lifetime. But in order to have a real good “once in a lifetime” experience you must do some things before. Here we talk about what you need to pack to make your trekking experience in Peru more Memorable.  two of the most important:

Beforehand you MUST book your trip.

Daily only 400 people can trek the inca Trail. So the recommendation is to book at least four months in advance. If You want us to do all the booking stuff for you; we have god looking Inca trail package that includes booking. Check all the information here

Now once you are sure you won’t be rejected from Machu Picchu’s Doors, it’s time for Packing the right stuff:

At least you want to carry all your stuff in your hands 🙂 you’ll need definitely a Backpack.

Depending on the trek you’ll make; you need to identify which one better suit you.

You also are going to need some, we human use sometimes: water; The most the better. So a Camelbak is mandatory. Our guides recommend 1 L per day (2L total for the last 2 days), but is better to carry a little bit if you can.

We provide you with a Sleeping mat and the Sleeping bag. So you don’t need to worry about it. However we are honest and we know there are out there hundreds of better mats & bags that are lighter. So you’re free to bring your own.

Your knees will appreciate if you use Walking Poles. Since we’ll be carrying some weight, try always to find the lighter ones.

Now let’s talk about what to wear. For four days of Inca trail we recommend:

Quick Dry T-shirts: You are gonna sweat…A lot! So one of these per day and maybe an extra one will be nice.

Zip-off hiking pants: You need to be pragmatic, zip-off pants are the best. Whit a couple will be ok.

A light & warm jacket: We don’t need to explain that

Layers: whatever you want it but at least two capilenes and two long underwear will make it when the real cold decide to visit us.

Shoes, Oh! the SHOES! Among the friends who were ready to trek with us WAS Melina. She brought their running shoes and any other kind. But that sometimes works others no. So we recommend to bring your used hiking shoes. Also during the stops your feet will be more than glad if you take your shoes away; so Flip-Flops are the answer.

Here in perú when it rains, it does not only rain dogs and cats; Also cows and horses and sometimes llamas! So the best thing to do is bring your Rain Jacket but also maybe buy a plastic poncho to be sure.

Hat, Gloves, Socks, Bug Spray, Towel, Earplugs (why? have you tried to sleep with lions?) So this is a short-Basic list we bring to you, But we are working in a big one you’re going to love. 🙂

Is there Anything else I missed on this list that you would like to add?