Our Top 3 Alternative Treks to Inca Trail

Our Top 3 Alternative Treks to Inca Trail

We do a lots of treks a year. And we can talk with even more people; all the friends who travel with us always express their ideas about the different treks. However our guides have their opinions too. So we decide to ask everybody which is her/his favorite trekking experience in Peru. And this were the winners:

salcantay lake - lagoon
Salkantay lake

1 -Salkantay trek

The “Savage Mountain” is the english translation for the Quechua: Salkantay. This Mountain is the highest of the Vilcabamba Mountain range and the 38th highest of the Peruvian Andes. 40m away from Cusco, Salkantay has become a famous trek because to its north is located the wonder: Machu Picchu. So the trek through salkantay has become one of the alternative treks to get to MP. When there’s not permits to the Inca trail.

The trek begins at Mollepata a  small town 100 Km from Cusco, and finished in Aguas Calientes the lobby to Machu picchu. The trek takes 74 Km/46 miles to be run during 5 days. Apocheta or Salkantay Pass, 4580, is the highest point we are going to reach. And it is not permit needed to make the trek.

Some Practical advice from our guides:

You need to be acclimated; specially the first two days when we’ll reach the highest points

the altitude sickness may be a problem.

Drink enough water.

Some preparation before the trek will be great: Some running, swimming or cycling.

Please the weather can be really something, so take with you as many layers as you can.

Enjoy the view!

More info here: https://incatraildeals.com/tours/salkantay-trek-to-machu-picchu-8-days

2- Lares trek

Lares Trek with the guide

Lares Trek is another alternative to the always busy Inca Trail. But remember that both offer you different benefits. None of them is better than the other. Inca Trail issue only 500 entrance a day and it finished up directly to Machu Picchu and maybe the people who fail to get one of that permits maybe. But if you are looking for a bit more wild experiences Lares trek is your option; it looks like there’s not many other tourist around that means chances are you’ll find a place no quite explored. Besides, this trek offers you the possibility to spend the night in a hotel and take a train to Machu Picchu.

Some Practical advice from our guides:

You also need to be acclimated. We are talking about altitudes of 4000m.

You’ll find some local children in the way if you want a small present to them will be helpful.

More Info here: https://incatraildeals.com/tours/lares-vallet-trek-to-machu-picchu-7-days

3- Ausangate trek

Maybe this alternative to the Inca Trail is the hardest one. It’s a loop you make around that Ausangate mountain (6.384m) that start and finish at tinki. This trek is really a challenge you must walk for around 5 days, cross two passes as high as 5000m, it’s really a remote location where there’s not many facilities for tourists. But…there will be one of the most stunning views of

Some Practical advice from our guides:

You MUST have trekking experience before do the Ausangate trek. It’s not easy at all.

We can reach -15°C and more so multi-layers outfit are mandatory.

The Dry season is the best time to do this trek. (April to October)

So which one would you make soon? Any help or doubt about which one better suit you? let us know, here is all you may need https://incatraildeals.com/