Is there any Lagoon To Trek near Cusco?

Is there any Lagoon To Trek near Cusco?

The answer to that question is: Yes! There are really beautiful lagoons so close to Cusco that you can visit some of them during a day trip. And if you love to do some Ecotourism or Cultural tours,  this is a great opportunity to enjoy nature and culture.

So here we go don’t forget to tell us which one you like more:


The first one we want you to talk you about is the Humantay Lagoon. This exceedingly beautiful lagoon of turquoise water (its water comes from the glacial) is located at the foot of the Humantay mountain (that’s why the name); at an altitude of 5,473 masl, the second highest in the Cusco region.

During the last years, this lagoon has become a frequently visited destination. This is because its closeness to Cusco and also because is part of the even more famous Salkantay trek.

Then you have the very famous tour often known as the 4 lagoons tour. Without surprises you’ll visit 4 lagoons in a day, since they are close from each other.


This lagoon of quiet, bluish green and deep (140m) waters, located 2 hours from Cusco in the way to Puno, is a great place to practice some sports like kayaking and rafting. Pomacanchi is the name of the district and nowadays is known as the capital of the Ecotourism in the Cusco region.

Beside the sports you can enjoy bird watching, Pomacanchi is a amazing place to do it: Andean flamingos,ducks, parihuanas, coots, herons, gulls, among others. This town is also a nice spot to have a delicious trout due to the diversity of fish species there.  In fact the government built a tourist camp with huts where you can enjoy of a picnic day close to the lagoons.

Pomacanchis lake in Chincheros


The second would be the small lagoon of Acopia. Which is located in the town of the same name. La Laguna de Acopia is very populated with birds, here you will see pelicans and wild ducks.

Acopia lake


The next one would be the lagoon of Asnaqocha, known as the stinky lagoon. This lagoon, concentrates abundant algae which when exposed to the sun, produces  really strong smell. it doesn’t look so attractive right? but anyway you can visit it and then run away.

asnaqocha lagoon - lake

Pampamarca or Tungasuca

Tungasuca lagoon - lake

Finally, after Asnaqocha, we’ll visit a freshwater lagoon. The highest one located at 3 750 meters above sea level, this lagoon hosts a wide variety of wildlife such as parihuanas and ducks.

All this pretty lagoons are so close to Cusco, so they are a great option to visit during any free day you may have when visiting Machu Picchu r any other place in our beloved Peru.

So if you wish to make some sport or some birdwatching don’t hesitate and call us we’ll set a nice visit to you.

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