How to be a better Hiker

How to be a better Hiker

We all love to hike. And we want to be better at it. So today we bring you son key factors to be a better hiker and Enjoy  a great experience When you visit Peru and.

1- Shoes: In This article  we explained what you need to pay attention to when acquiring the perfect pair of shoes to hike in Peru or elsewhere in the World. Things like Weight, confort, traction, breathability, durability and others. Remember, the shoes you use is 50% of your trekking experience.

2- Training: If you want to walk from your house to the neighborhood grocery store. it’s ok. You just need to train your fingers to select your movie in Netflix. But if you want to do a more demanding trek to the forest at least an hour from you: you must train.

Start with a little bit of exercise, a bit casual if you want. Your Neighborhood is a good place to start, jog around, climb any stair you find rocky style. Bicycle is also a good one.

3- Cadence: To keep the pace is important. And we are talking here about de distance and time of every step you give in the trail. Good hikers have a smooth cadence. So you should too. And believe us a good cadence save you lot of energy. So How to have a good cadence:

  • First: Find a no so steep hill. If paved better. At least 200m.
  • Second: Put your shoes on, the one you bought to trek. Then climb 2 or 3 times in a day. Trying to use the same distance and time in every step you take. You must do it naturally. And with a nice and correct posture. You can use any app you have to make it easier.

4- Steep Terrain: when ascending steep terrain; the best you should do is to take shorter steps. Around ½ or ⅓ less than normal. Why? because that actión will decrease the energy you use during the ascent.

5- the walking stick: when you have already developed a natural cadence, so it’s time to use your arms to help and strengthen that cadence. So the best tool are the walking sticks or the trekking poles. It is best if you have professional advice  when picking up your sticks or poles. But once you have them adjust them according to your height and start trying to get the rhythm of your cadence. Moving back and forward your arms contrary to the stepping foot. Soon you’ll notice the effort will be focus on your arms, not in your feet.

Don’t forget to inhale when you step with one foot and exhale when step with the other. Sometimes your mind can make you a bad joke when you ascent, affecting your breathing and thus your hiking. So the recommendation is to focus your sight on an object in front head-high and keep watching during your ascent.

Training is key to develop a nice cadence; and cadence is key to save energy. So remember to exercise as much as you can.

Those are general advices we got from our tour guides, however, you can ask them yourself anytime you need when trekking in Peru. 😉