Holidays on the Inca Trail? Why Yes!

Holidays on the Inca Trail? Why Yes!

Sometimes we have no chance/ so much time to fulfill our wishes. A weekend or a week during christmas time is all we got because our tied schedule. But we don’t want to go alone; so it’s not your own schedule but your friend’ schedule too. But forget the lack of time and let’s focus on what really matters: Your Holidays trekking the Inca Trail.

We has been doing this Trek since 10 years ago, and we can tell you the Incas choose an amazing path to follow to finally end up in the magic city of Machu Picchu. So here we’ll tell you WHY you and your family or friend MUST spend your holidays doing the inca trail.

inca roads
inca roads

Because the scenery

All start up in the 82 km of the train ways that take you from cusco to Machu Picchu. There We start our hike to enjoy two different scenery. The first one is the mountain, highland style landscapes: snow capped mountains, turquoise lagoons, Real cold and all this until we reach the 4.215 masl at the so called “Pass of the dead woman” the highest point during the trek and where we’ll start descending and to observe a totally different vegetation. Now a Rainforest flora surround us, and the temperatures goes up.

flexibility of a girl in machu picchu

Because the history

There is a theory by the Italian archaeoastronomer Giulio Magli about the Inca Trail was some kind of preparation path to enter the sacred place of Machu Picchu. He asked himself

Why the Incas didn’t follow the urubamba river through the valley to Machu Picchu? He support the idea that the Incas wanted to prepare the ones who will visit the citadele before they get there.

Based on the Legend; the first Inca came from the Island of the sun in lake Titicaca; and he get into a celestial journey to be prepare to live and rule the earth; so the Inca trail was a preparation in order to be ready to enter the citadel.

Would you like to be ready?

Agustín Lizárraga first discoverer of Machu Picchu

Because there is an EASY way to do it

There are various ways to finally conquest the inca trail. You can come here to Peru, and manage everything by yourself: Buy your bus, trains and entrances tickets and find a qualified guide. Other is you come here and hire an agency who manage for you; or from the peace of your home let us do it EVERYTHING. We just want you to enjoy your visit no matter which option you choose.

Extra Reason…

You’ll be out of the box, and you can show off 😉

Inca Trail permits

The number of permits issued are limited daily so we recommend if you are coming by yourself you need to request your permit as soon as possible in order to securing your permit. Anyway if you need any information just give us a call.