Are shoes that important?

Are shoes that important?

In fact, Hiking is easy. Anybody can do it. You just need a beautiful place to hike, the right mindset and a very good pair of shoes. The beautiful place can be anywhere near you or maybe you are ready to try the most famous treks in the world. The mindset is about having the wish to get deep in the path for some hours or days. But shoes…Shoes you need to know what to look for in order to have a comfortable and secure experience.

So today we are going to talk about what you need to consider when buying your perfect shoes to hike.

Ok. but before start let’s clarify something you may know or not. Differences between

Hiking Shoes vs Hiking boots

It depends on the purpose. As you can imagine, boots are for better protection mainly for the ankle and they gives you more stability when we are on difficult and long trails. In the other hand, Hiking shoes are lighter and work best in short distances and never forget: hiking shoes are far better than running shoes.

trekking girl
Yes!, they are important!


So the first thing we should consider is Weight. It’s a fact that weight in your foots take away more energy from you than weight carry in your back. So chose a 1 pound shoes must be better than a 3-pound shoes. In the long run your knees will appreciate it too.


How Comfortable they are is really important. You need to find almost the “perfect” shoes that fit you from heel to toe. Just imagine trekking when every single step ache, No god eh? You also may consider that your feet swell after many hours walking so buy them  a bit bigger is something you would like. Testing’em very well, So try as many shoes as you can.


Our Tour guides Always tell us about the narrow and sometimes slippery the trails to Machu Picchu can become, or when hiking Huayna Picchu. So we must be sure that our shoes have the enough Traction to hold us and keep us on the road.


Ok Waterproof is something we must talk about because at the beginning when We started to hike, we were in love with waterproof shoes, we thought “wow how nice our shoes never get wet”. But sadly there is a serie of factors that goes against the waterproof shoes. Rain, moisture, condensation, sweat all this eventually get our shoes wet and heavy and hard to dry. So we may consider to use non-waterproof, light and quick dry shoes instead. It’s up to you.


And talking about sweat, Breathability is a factor that also goes against waterproof shoes. If you hike, you sweat; is one of Newton Laws. So moisture must find a way out otherwise your feet skin will get soft and prone to those annoying bubbles we all know.

Snake in Machu Picchu
Take care about snakes


Maybe we always got this idea about Durability “Our shoes have to last” because we somehow fall in love with our perfect shoes. The true is it all depends on the kind you choose to have: hike runners/less durability, hiking shoes/mid-durability, Hiking Boots/high durability.


The Sole is an important part of the Durability, but you should also decide between the very comfortable hike runner sole and the a bit rigid hiking shoes/boots sole. the first one is more flexible helping avoid blisters, second ones last longer.

Heel to Toe Drop

Heel to Toe Drop there are two ways here too. the sole noticeably higher in the heel is base on the idea of running faster and the ones the same height from heel to toe, and this is because is more natural and put less stress in the body.

Finally, we’d like to tell you that always keep in mind the kind of trek you are going to do, the length, the weather forecast and any information about the terrain. All this will help you to make the right choice.

How many steps you think we may take in a 7 days trek? Maybe your favorite app can tell but your feet must be safe and sound to take you back home.

Any doubt about other hike gears you may or if you want to trek with us, please let us know we’ll be happy to help you.

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