5 Things You Are Going To need during the Inca Trail Trek

5 Things You Are Going To need during the Inca Trail Trek

We want you to enjoy your experience in Peru. it doesn’t matter if you are not traveling with us 🙁   But anyway here are some tips given for our travelers and tour guides, that maybe you would like have known before taking the inca trail trek.

  1. Transfer back to cusco

You know what is really sad? being so tired after the 4 days inca trail, the whole machu picchu day, then you take your train to ollantaytambo and once there, there’s not van taking you back to Cusco! Believe us…it happens, often. So please check when you book by yourself or with your agency that a van to Cusco is also booked.

       2. Restrooms

Obviously there’s not restrooms inside the archeological site. They are located outside. So if for any chance you need to use them when you are already in; you’ll have to cue again to enter. The best is use them before or after your visit. We tell you, the line get really long.

people celebrating having come to Machu Picchu
people celebrating having come to Machu Picchu

3.  Shower

If you are coming from any trek ending in Machu Picchu; you’d die for a shower after all that hiking. There is some hotels offering you a shower for around $3 or $4 and also they have luggage storage if you need it.

 4. Condoms

for some people it seems gross but for others it seems so practical and even funny. there is a big chance that you find some rain during the trek; so the local guides recommend to put on a condom over your mobile device as a waterproof protection… it really works.

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5.  Food and Drinks

If you want something to eat or drink during your visit to Machu Picchu; you need to know that anything you want to buy; you are going to find it outside de archaeological site. If you are going to stay the whole day better is to bring your own snacks or drinks.

In any of our treks we provide snacks and water but if you are with other agency, please be sure of that. If you are coming from a trek, generally you’ll be able to buy some food in the town before Aguas Calientes; but as you may imagine anything there is really expensive.

One last thing, remember plastic bottles are now no allowed to enter in Machu Picchu. So reusable bottles are the option. consider all this during your trip and enjoy as much as you can. Life is Wonderful.

Please if you need any other advice let us know https://incatraildeals.com/ we’ll be happy to help you.