5 Food Tips for Trekking in Peru

5 Food Tips for Trekking in Peru

Have you met our Cooks? You Should!

During any trekking experience you have with us in peru; you’ll have the opportunity to delight yourself with the amazing flavors of our country. Many who have already made the Inca trail Trek always said something like: “we don’t have a clue how they made it, but suddenly out of the blue a cooking tent appears in our campsite and in there the cooks prepare the most delicious food” 🙂 It’s Magic.

So you don’t have to worry to be correctly fed during your adventure in peru. We have a nice plan to offer you the right proportion of carbohydrates that provides energy faster, proteins to keep our muscles replenish and  long-burning fats. And of course: Water!

However we always encourage our friends who hike with us two things:

  1. Please tell us early if you or your group have any food restriction or necessity in    order to be ready and provide exactly what you need.
  1. And…You know yourself well  so take with you the extra food (snacks or others) you may need.
Ancestral food

So here is 5 tips our experience in the trails tell us are important when carrying food during a hike:

It’s so important to be Hydrated

We provide water. Anyway a camelback  is the best way to carry the water you may need. Our guides recommend 1 L per day (2L total for the last 2 days), but is better to carry a little bit if you can.

Practical Food

You can take with you perishable food but it implies more weight and depending on the temperature, can be easily damaged. We recommend the next list with non-perishable food:

  1. Nuts, seeds, nut-based bars.
  2. Dried or freeze-dried fruits and veggies (You can buy your own dehydrator and save some money in the long run. It also means more work at home but you’ll have exactly what you wish)
  3. Energy bars, chews or gels
  4. Granola or granola bars
  5. Ready-to-eat cereal


This is the best way to save money, space and weight. Buy big package of nuts and seed or anything else you have decided to take with you; put it out the original bag and repackage it in daily or meal portions. That will save backpack space and everything will be more organize.


Trekking as we know implies many things, and one of the most important is being light weighted. So this means carry less everything including: food. Then the best way to compensate this is taking with us some vitamins. A daily intake will help filling any lack of nutrition you may have.

And Please don’t take this kind of food…

  1. Canned food.  Why? No nutrients.
  2. Chips, burgers and other junk food. So hard to digest.
  3. Sugar products like cookies and candy bars. Do we need to explain?

Trekking can be an amazing and exciting experience. But we must be prepare. The night before your trek, during our briefing, ask your guide if you are not sure what to take with you.

And don’t forget to visit us we have many option to trek in the best country to do it: Peru.